Create a new page on your wiki called "DARK AGES VIDEO"

Copy and past the questions listed below to that page

watch the dark ages video and answer the questions on your wiki page

1. The Visogoths conquered the .

2. _ used starvation to conquer Rome.

3. What was Rome importing that was killing them?

4. Why didn’t the people live in the Roman ruins?

5. The Dark Ages brought about a new unity of Christianity- knowing

6. The Barbarian king of the Franks named Clovis inherited his first soldiers at age .

7. Clovis became _ at age 30.

8. In 533AD; Greece, Turkey & are still ruled by the Roman Empire.

9. The Eastern/Western (circle one) half of the Roman Empire suffered when it was split into two regions.

10. Justinian was not liked because he did what to his people? _.

11. 25- 50% of the population of Constantinople were killed by .

12. After Justinian forces withdrew from Western Europe, the was dependant on agriculture and herding animals.

13. People didn’t work from 9 to 5, they worked during the winter they sat around and drank most of the time.

14. The clergy BEDE wrote a five volume history of .

15. The Moors went to Europe to spread the _ religion.

16. Charles “The Hammer” Martel recruited to become part of his regular army.

17. Charlemagne ruled in Europe for _ years.

18. Charlemagne had wives and _ girlfriends.

19. What did Egil do when he lost his ball game at 6 years old? _

20. What bird did the Vikings call what they did to the King of England? _

21. Alfred the Great took years to rid England of the Vikings.

22. The knights would attack peasants in order to keep them submissive to the ___ of the castle.

23. Name two things that were brought back from the Crusades.

24. Although called, “The Dark Ages”, the period covered by this film contained several powerful rulers or tribes. Which conquering group do you think had the most influence over the period and why? You must include supporting details from the video.