Change in class policies

In an effort to clarify some questions that have arisen the following grade policy changes are effective immediately:

Late work -
Any assignment or quiz that has not been turned in either on paper or emailed (either by link or inclusion or file attachment) is, by definition, late and no longer eligible for full credit. All work is valuable and important for you to turn in before final deadlines effective because of end of quarter and end of semester, however, work that is turned in after 4PM on the due date is only eligible for a maximum grade of “C”.

Class absences for co-curricular/extra-curricular activities
It is the students responsibility to communicate when they will be out of class for co-curricular/extra-curricular activities. Being out of class for these activities does NOT excuse you from the assigned due date. Nor do such activities grant you any sort of time extension without PRIOR communication with the instructor.

*prior means a minimum 24hours before to the affected class period(s). An email or text message from the student is NOTsufficient. There must be an acknowledgement from the instructor granting the extension.

Absence of the instructor
Absence of the instructor is not a valid excuse for not submitting work. If there are questions, comments, concerns or a need to turn in a past due or current assignment it is the students responsibility to email and/or text message the instructor for clarification or extension of time unless otherwise previously arranged.

explanation of codes
(M) Missing - the instructor has no record of the assignment being submitted by the student. We are only human and mistakes do happen. It is important to use email whenever possible to create a time stamp trail for any work that may be in dispute.

(L) Late - work so marked as late is no longer eligible for full credit and may only receive a maximum grade of “C”

(--) work assigned but not graded. It is important to note that grades with this “point value” are not included in the final grade computation.

Grade of zero
In an effort to keep your grade as accurate as possible, it shall be the policy of this class that any work not turned in as of 4PM on the due date, regardless of reason for delay in work being turned in, will receive a score of “0” until such time as the work is turned in.

Extra credit
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